Q. How long does it take before the product arrives?


At Stunning Ireland we want you enjoying the beauty of Ireland as soon as possible, so we get started straight away. All our products are custom made for you and as you can appreciate this kind of workmanship takes a little time. Here is a guide to production time.



Here is a guide to our standard Shipping times in the United States. Orders are delivered by FedEx. 






Q. What is your returns and refund policy?


All our prints and frames are custom made for each order. We don’t offer refunds for our products because of this bespoke nature. This means that we have a return and replacement policy. If you believe that your product falls under either of these categories below please contact info@stunningireland.com


  • -Material flaws (excluding minor MetalPrint bumps and Wood Print knots in the grain, which are the nature of the material). In other words a flaw that our quality control team should have noticed and fixed.
  • -A package that arrives and the product is damaged.



Q. Who do you ship with, will my order be cared for?


Yes, all of our products are shipped with FedEx ground. 



Q. Am I charged in US Dollar or another currency?


All of our transactions take place in United States dollar. So there is no cross border fee or high exchange rate. Pay what you see in dollar.



Q. Who processes your payments?


All our payments are processed by Braintree. Braintree is a payments service provider owned by PayPal.



Q. How can I contact you?


You can email. Have you a pen, its info@stunningireland.com




Q. There is border color that I can’t find on your site. Have you any other colors available?


Yes, we have many more border color options than appears on the site. If you would like a specific color please send an email to info@stunningireland.com and we will assist you.




Q. There is frame type or color that I can find on your site. Have you any others available?


Yes, we have many more frame options than appears on the site. If you would like a specific frame type or color please send an email to info@stunningireland.com and we will assist you.



Q. Will I have to pay customs or import charges?


No, all Stunning Ireland’s products arrive at your door for the price you pay on the site.



Q. I’d like a photo of a specific place in Ireland but can’t find it on your site. Can you help me with this?


Yes, if there is a landmark, village or sight in Ireland that you can’t find on StunningIreland.com please contact us at info@stunningireland.com



Q. What is the difference between paper types?


Our standard matt paper is a beautiful finish that shows off the colors of the photograph without the reflection that you sometimes get with glossy.  Our glossy paper has a beautiful shine and finish to it. It has a rich color saturation. This is perfect is you want all the color and don’t mind about reflections. All our papers are Kodak professional papers and have 16 million colors per square inch. The paper weight is 220 grams per square meter. So you can expect a weighty substantial print arriving to your home.


Q. What about hanging my framed print?


All our Framed Prints are shipped complete and ready to hang with black kraft paper backing, either a stainless steel wire or sawtooth hanger attached, and felt bumpers. When your framed print arrives all you need to do is place hooks or anchors in the wall of your choice and you're ready to hang.



Q. How does your sizing work on framed products?


When you pick a size on a stunning Ireland and go for a framed photo, its good to know that the size relates to the display area of the frame. This is the area inside the frame. The actual product will be a little bigger because of the wood frame which surround the display area. If you have selected a border to go with your photo. Its good to know that the size then relates to the border and print combined. Your display size will remains the same whether you choose to go with or without a border. FYI We really like the look of a border with our prints.



Q. Do you take photo submissions?


At present we aren’t taking photo submission but we are always interested in seeing great photos of Ireland. Stunning Ireland’s founders are both photographers and they are always looking to collaborate. To get in contact email: info@stunningireland.com



Q. Can I change or cancel an order?


Yes, but you’ll have to be very quick. The printing process has starts almost immediately. Once we have started printing your order can’t be changed or canceled. If you need to change or cancel an order let us know at info@stunningireland.com



Q. What cards and payment methods do you accept?


We accept payment with all major payment cards. We also accept payment through PayPal.



Q. How does the photo on StunningIreland.com and the photo that I’ll receive compare?


The photo on StunningIreland.com is the one that you’ll receive, less the watermark of course. If you order a mat with your print or frame we may need to make a slight crop to your photo. This is done by a professional photographer and not a software to ensure the best possible result. As always when viewing a photo on a computer screen. You may have your screen set brighter or darker than someone else. StunningIreland.com have special highly accurate screens that we process our photographs on. This ensures the photo that you get is the best possible print.



Q. Do you have any photographs of Leprechauns?


At present we haven’t been able to photograph Leprechauns but this is a top priority for us.  (If you have read this then you are entitled to a 5% discount for our bad jokes. Discount code: LuckyCharm5)



Q. What type of printing do you use?


All our photos are professionally printed by experienced photo technicians.
Wet printing printing process, C-type archival prints 100 years plus. 

At Stunning Ireland all our photos are professionally printed by experienced photo technicians.

We love the magic of the dark room and that why all our photos are printed in this traditional method which has been given a modern twist. The paper and printer used are very high spec. Both professional papers and printers that can produce prints with 16 million colors accurately represented in every inch (thats a lot more than the 40 shades of green). 

This is all down to the way we print. We use a Chromogenic print process also referred to as C-type printing. This all happens on Kodak Professional 220gsm paper. This is an archival process  and you can expect 100 years without fading if kept our of direct sunlight. Thats means the next generation can get to see the beauty and color of Ireland an without ever having to get on plane.

 If you’re a photo nerd like we us, why not look at our papers technical specs: http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/support/techPubs/e4049/e4049.pdf




Q. Can you tell me some legal stuff about Stunning Ireland?


Absolutely! Stunning Ireland is a registered trading name of Green Graph Adore Limited. Green Graph Adore Limited is a registered limited company in the Republic of Ireland. Green Graph Adore Limited is registered with the Irish Companies Registration Office, Business number: 544989. Green Graph Adore Limited registered address is: 1 Terminus Mills, Clonskeagh, Dublin 6, Ireland.