Printing & Framing

Stunning Ireland offers a range of choices for how you want your favorite photograph of Ireland to be presented. 




  • As standard you can expect a level of individual care for each and every print. We take care that all our prints are fully color corrected, this means that you'll get beautiful, rich and realistic colors with every order. 


  • The paper we use is a professional photographic paper. It called, Kodak ENDURA. If you select a Matte finish we use Kodak ENDURA Lustre “E”. It you select a Glossy finish we use Kodak ENDURA Glossy “F”. That’s a little TMI (too much information) but sometimes its good to know.


  • All our papers Kodak professional papers have 16 million colors per square inch. The paper weight is 220 grams per square meter. So you can expect a weighty substantial print arriving to your home.


  • The printing process we use is a traditional photographic printing process where light is exposed on paper in the dark and the paper is then fixed with the image. This process C-Type Printing, produces a continuous and subtle tone on the print. This means that you will have a seamless, realistic and believable print.


  • Our prints are made to be shown to the world. In natural light, day in day out, it will take 40 years before it begins to fade. In the ‘ideal conditions’ it will easily be double that, but we know you’re not buying a print of Ireland to keep it in a darkroom and out of sight.


  • The only question now is Matte or Glossy?


  • Our matte paper has a beautiful finish that shows off the rich colors of the photograph without the reflection that you sometimes get with glossy. Matte is the paper preferred by Stunning Ireland’s printing team.


  • Our glossy paper has a beautiful shine and finish to it. It has a rich color saturation. This is perfect is you want all the color and don’t mind reflections. 





When you want a piece to be really proud of, you can order a framed print. We love our framed prints, they look good on their own but we love them when they are paired with a border. 


  • All our frames are made from natural solid wood.


  • Every frame is handmade with care to gallery quality.


  • Each frame has a natural rich finish and grain, this can vary slightly from frame to frame.


  • All our frames are shipped ready to hang with black kraft paper backing and either a stainless steel wire or sawtooth hanger attached, and felt bumpers.



  • When your framed print arrives all you need to do is place hooks or anchors in the wall of your choice and you're ready to hang the bring and make your home a little more Irish.


  • You have a choice of white, black or walnut frames


  • When making a choice consider the colors in the print. For example a black frame looks great with a black and white print. 


  • Consider the color of the room where you’re gonna hang the print. Perhaps if there is a walnut theme to the room then a walnut frame may even suit a black and white print.